sisal sisal rug

From Agave Sisalana to a finished Sisal weave.

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Sisal Buyers Guide

Sisal is a leaf fibre obtained from the plant Agave Sisalana of which there are many varieties. The plant is grown in a number of countries including East Africa, Brazil and China. The fibres are removed from the leaf by a process of decortication after which they are washed, dried and graded before being spun into a yarn suitable for use in a variety of end-uses, including floorcoverings.

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Sisal can be dyed to produce a wide range of attractive shades with generally good light fastness. However, in direct sunlight deeper shades may be affected.

The floorcovering

Sisal is available in different qualities, styles and weaves including herringbone, twill, plaid and boucle.

Suitability of Sisal Rugs

Rugs and runners made with sisal are hard-wearing and can be used in a wide range of locations including domestic and some contract areas. However, they are unsuitable for areas where high moisture levels are likely such as bathrooms and some kitchens.

  • Light Domestic Use:YES
  • Heavy Domestic Use:YES
  • Castor Chair Use:YES
  • Stairways:YES
  • Bathrooms:NO

Sisal compared with other popular natural floor covering materials

Light domestic use
Heavy domestic use
Castor chair use
Stair Use
Use in High Moisture
Anti-slip backing

Conditioning - runners only

Sisal runners should be conditioned in the area in which they are to be laid for at least 48 hours. It is recommended that the runner is unrolled, laid out and cut to shape but oversize by about 60mm to allow for any change in dimensions during the conditioning period.